Friday, April 28, 2006

Laudanum Sir?

As an addenda to the Rimbaud/Verlaine post, I recently discovered that you can make opium tea/tincture from your common garden poppies. So, I've amended the soil in my garden and planted a little patch. If I don't get raided by the law or the DEA ala Jim Hogshire I'll let you know the outcome late summer.

Go Rimbaud! (and Verlaine of course...)

To us squalid literary Camden types it's always been a case of schadenfrauden seeing the derelict state of the house where Rimabud and Verlaine bedded down. Now there's a campaign to stop it being sold off to developers. I say let's set it up as a modern day opium den where you can imbibe the poison of yr choice and retire upstairs for a quick anal massage.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

thank christ for easter!

well, the w/end is nearly upon us and what am i doing but sweet fa! Michael Connelly's The Narrows is rattling my book cage at the moment. Fearless Freaks DVD fantastic for all you flaminglipophiles out there. And I'm experimenting with organic chemistry. Follow the poppy and open yr eyes to the ecstatic wisdom of the east...