Monday, March 27, 2006

fruit covered nails

By jeeves! I'm not making good use of this blogging lark am I? Suffice to say in the past couple of months i've got a new job, been listening to The Woods by Sleater Kinney, new Quasi record, elliott smith too much, reading a guilty read - The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova, read My Life in Orange, Monsters of Gramercy Park, the new Easton Eliis i forgets the name, and a host of udder stuff. Watched Syriana (v good) want to watch the Hills Have Eyes remake, Inside Man lah blah blah. Need better drugs and better sex. If anyone can provide either please contact me now! Things to look forward too: summer, homefires, bank holidays, better sex and better drugs...
RIP Ivor Cutler

Loup Garou